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A majority of our beef is sold by the cut or in convenient 20 pounds boxes. We do offer "bulk" amounts in 1/8 share, 1/4 share, 1/2 share and whole cow. Bulk amounts are available and require a reservation to purchase.

Our shares are based on finished carcass weight (after all cuts are made) versus hanging carcass weight (before all cuts are made). Some farms charge by the hanging carcass weight. For example, a 500 lb carcass may lose up to 20% of weight during the aging process. The types of cuts chosen and the yield efficiency will also play a part in that 20%. If you were buying a 1/2 share based on this example, you would pay for 250 lbs and possibly only receive 200 lbs of cuts or less. With us, you pay for the amount meat you actually receive with no hidden fees.

Our finished carcass prices include Transport, slaughter, cutting and packaging. We will pick up from the processor and you can arrange to pickup from the farm or at one of our designated drop off points in Raleigh. Some farms offer a lower price per pound but will charge you extra for slaughter, processing and packaging.

Below is the amount of space you would need in your freezer for "bulk" amounts.

  • 20 lb box -- 1-2 cu. ft of freezer space

  • 1/8 Share -- Average weight of share is 32 lbs and will require 2-3 cu. ft. of freezer space

  • 1/4 Share -- Average weight of share is 65 lbs and will require 4-5 cu. ft. of freezer space

  • 1/2 Share -- Average weight of share is 120 lbs and will require 7-8 cu. ft. of freezer space

  • Whole cow -- Contact us for availability 




We sell all of our pork by individual cut.  However, we also sell in bulk.  There are many variables surrounding half and whole hogs, which are determined by types of cuts and/or value added products (ex: smoked or cured items). Typically, our hogs will have an average hanging carcass weight of 225 lbs and will yield retail cuts of approximately 160 lbs. You will also have 30-50 lbs of fat, bones, organs, and skin off of the carcass. Our pricing is based upon the FINISHED weight (meat you actually get), not the hanging weight as many other farms charge. Standard processing with no value added products would keep those estimates pretty accurate. If you choose to add smoked, cured or crafted products off of those cuts, the weights go down due to shrinkage, but the price goes up due to labor/materials (spices, etc.). Price also includes: transport, slaughter, cutting and packaging. Most farms charge separately for those services. Smoked meats are prepared without sodium

Traditional Half Hog order (average 80 lbs) Approximate Estimate:
Chops, Ribs & Steaks – Average 30 lbs
Ham – 15 lbs
Sausage – 12 lbs
Bacon – 8 lbs
Jowl Bacon – 2 lbs
Additional: Fat, bones, organs, hocks and skin – 10-12 lbs



Average whole chickens weigh between 3-4 lbs. All chicken are packaged in vacuum shrink bags and are frozen. Fresh chicken is available upon request. Chickens are currently sold whole.  Organs are available. 


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Louisburg, NC 27549

Tel:  919-853-2282

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