Woodland/Pastured Heritage Pork

Woodland/Pastured Pork

Large Black Hogs are a heritage breed known for the ability to live on pasture and woods.  The have a great disposition, are great foragers, have good maternal instincts, easily handle heat and cold and need very little supplemental feed.  Because they are foragers and slow growing they are not suitable for the confinement of giant hog houses. Our hogs are rotated on eight acres of woods and pasture. They get supplemental daily produce from a local Organic farm that gives us their aging produce that a consumer would not typically buy and end up in the trash otherwise.They also receive produce we grow on our farm that we cannot consume or can for the winter. They do receive a supplemental feed that our farm created and we mill it ourselves on our farm. Our hogs also enjoy hay, silage, nuts and whatever treats they can find while foraging. There is NO CORN, SOY OR WHEAT in the feed and it is Organic and Non-GMO Verified.  No hormones, no antibiotics and no drugs.

Large Black Hogs are known for producing rich tasting, tender, dark and juicy pork.  They have a long body with lots of pork belly that makes for great bacon.  Their pork to lard ratio is also excellent.  Our hogs are processed with no additives, preservatives, nitrates or nitrites. 

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