CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

Our CSA is different than most CSA programs. We do NOT require an annual membership fee or any term commitments. In fact, we prefer to call it our Shares Program. We offer shares on a first come first served basis. Ordering a "share" is a less expensive option to purchase meat in bulk rather than purchasing more expensive cuts individually.  Our meat is seasonal.  Once it's gone, it's gone.  We will post availability on our Facebook page and email  of upcoming Beef and Pork availability. 

What We Offer

We sell grass fed beef, pastured chicken and woodland/pastured pork directly from our farm.  Our animals are regeneratively raised, which goes well beyond organic standards.  Animals are ethically raised on pasture, silvopasture or in a woodland setting from birth to harvest.  Cows are 100% grass fed and grass finished.  Pigs and Chickens forage as nature intended.  They also receive supplemental feed that is NON-GMO and Organic.  No wheat. No soy. No corn.


Beef is currently available in 20 lb boxes, 1/8 shares, 1/4 shares and 1/2 shares.  We also sell by individual cut.

Chicken is available.  We are currently offering whole chickens.

Pork is available and sold by individual cut, 1/2 and whole hog.

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384 Greys Mill Rd.

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Tel:  919-853-2282

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