We offer hauling services utilizing our flatbed and livestock trailers depending on the needs of the customer.

Our flatbed trailer is equipped with a winch and a hydraulic dovetail to accommodate many styles of freight.


Examples of the types of freight we move:

  • ​Autos/Trucks/Tractors

  • Equipment

  • Hay-- Round or square (can average 15-17 4x5 rolls per load)

  • Lumber/building materials

  • Appliances/furniture

  • Sheds ( We do not do oversize loads anymore. Anything over 8' 6" wide is considered an oversize load)

  • Anything else you can put on the 28' of deck space up to 15,000# total weight

Livestock Trailer what we haul:

  • Horses / Donkeys / Mules  (with current coggins)

  • Cattle

  • Sheep

  • Goats

  • Hogs

  • Alpacas / Llamas

  • Deliver homestead animals to processor for those needing assistance.

We like to stay within the state of NC but will consider traveling out of NC on a case by case basis.

Rates are charged by the mile.  

384 Greys Mill Rd.

Louisburg, NC 27549

Tel:  919-853-2282

Hours of Operations:

By Appointment Only

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