Deer Food Plot Mixes

Are you and avid hunter in NC that wants to attract and grow big deer?

Maybe you would just like to attract more wildlife to your property.

These mixes are designed to offer a consistent food source all year long.

We have cool and warm season mixes that can be planted together to keep the deer coming back for more. This will also help you to track their patterns and eating habits on your property. Don't waste your time and money on expensive feeders and cheap feed that goes in them.

Remember that what you are feeding the animals will also transfer into what you eat when you are consuming them after harvest.

By planting forage that has palatable grasses, high protein legumes and nutrient packed plants, you are creating a great food source for the deer as well as a more nutrient dense meat to consume. All on your property so you can be sure what their diets consist of.

We also carry an exclusive free choice mineral that can be put out year round to make sure all the dietary needs are being met.

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