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Our chickens are pasture raised SLOW GROWING Heritage breed birds. (No Cornish crosses or Rangers).  No Antibiotics, No Hormones. Good things come to those who wait! Our Birds forage for bugs and worms daily as nature intended. They are protected from predators by housing them in small groups utilizing chicken tractors. The tractors are moved daily so the birds always have fresh grass to forage on.  They do receive small amounts of supplemental feed. The feed blend is one our farm created and have milled at a local feed mill. There is NO CORN, SOY OR WHEAT in the feed. The feed is Organic and Non-GMO Verified. 

Our birds are processed and packaged on our farm. The birds are treated with respect and harvested in a very humane process. There are no chemicals used in the processing or packaging. After the birds have been de-feathered and eviscerated, they are rinsed with water and placed in an ice bath to rapidly chill the carcass before packaging. All of the chickens products are put in a BPA free vacuum shrink bag, labeled and then stored in the freezer.

We can arrange to provide non-frozen birds for customers as well. These will only be offered on the day after harvesting and will require a small deposit from customer prior to harvest day.

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