100% Grass Fed & FINISHED Beef

Grass Fed & FINISHED

There are many reasons to eat 100% grass fed and finished beef over beef that was finished in a CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation).  There are many producers that label their beef 100% grass fed.  However, it is often finished in a CAFO on grain and a variety of spent junk foods.  Beef that is grass fed and grass finished is nutrient dense and has a variety of health benefits.  ​It has more vitamins and cancer fighting antioxidants.  There is a healthier ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids.  There is a higher amount of Omega-3 fatty acids and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).  In addition, grass and forage are the natural diet of cows.  Cows were meant to roam on pasture.  They were not meant to be crammed into massive feed lots.

Heritage Red Devon Cows

We chose to raise Red Devons, which are ancient breed of cow.  Devons thrive under rough climates from hot to cold, are natural foragers and are great for grass fed production. They are a medium size cow, docile and have good maternal abilities.  Heritage breeds adapt easier and we are preserving those instincts by continuing to raise and breed them.  Our cows have never seen an auction or a feedlot.  They were purchased from a single closed breeder with records dating back to the early 1800s or conceived naturally and born on our farm.  Red Devons are known for producing high quality beef with a fine grained texture.  The beef tends to be more flavorful because of the balance of fat and meat.  

Our Devon's Diet

Our cows get to roam free on holistically managed pastures 365 days a year. The pastures are very bio diverse and contain over 40 varieties of forages. These forages contain grasses, brassica's, legumes and herbs which are all beneficial to the animals that are grazing it as well as the entire ecosystem that surrounds them. There is something for everyone! From the bees to the wild turkeys.

They also have access to free choice minerals throughout the year. These minerals are organic with no fillers or byproducts. When forage gets scarce during extreme weather conditions and winter, we will feed hay or silage but NEVER any grain! We are strictly grass based and nothing else! 

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