Animal Nutrition and supplements

Animal nutrition and supplements are an important part to the health and well being to any animal as well as the soil on your farm. We invested a lot of time and research to a supplier that would meet our strict criteria for ingredients that were clean, had exceptional absorption rates and provide expert advice for different species nutritional needs.

 You can go to your local agricultural supply or feed store and find a plethora of choices for supplements, feed and minerals. If you take the time to read the ingredients label, you will quickly realize that there are a lot of fillers, dyes, by products and just plain junk that goes into their products. Do you really want to feed that trash to your animals? Remember, you are what your animal eats!


What can you do you ask? We found a company that has the best choices for your animals nutritional needs. We use their products on our farm and liked their products so much we decided to be a dealer/distributor for them too! Check out the links on the left of the page for more information on the products that are available. If you would like to place an order after reviewing the products or if you have any questions about any products, feel free to use the contact form below.

Animal Nutrition/Supplements

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